Proj.Eco Engineering was founded in 1998 and provides specialist consulting services on occupational health and safety, it coordinates safety aspects on construction sites, designs environmental protection project interventions, carries out due diligence and acts as a legal proxy in the HSE field in the management of property funds

Scope ofactivities

HSE Advisory

We support our customers by analysing site, property or corporate compliance prior to making significant investments, accept proxies and supervise corporate assets with a team of HSE experts.


We offer services designed to ensure the safety of workers, both on temporary or mobile work sites and all work environments. These include the design and management of all activities, as well as environmental analysis and monitoring to identify physical, chemical, carcinogenic and biological agents.


We provide comprehensive services for the management of potential environmental contamination, along with site classification, laboratory analysis and field measurements. We provide consulting services to enterprises on safety and environmental regulation aspects.

Using three distinct business units and specialised teams, Proj.Eco Engineering has a vast area of intervention, ranging from property to industrial sectors, from construction sites to decommissioned areas, all aimed at provided premium and effective solutions to its customers.

Natural Flexibility

It is said that attitude is an innate predisposition, or one acquired by experience, which makes it possible and often facilitates the performance of special activities or tasks. Thanks to these 25 years of experience, we have made our problem-solving attitude our distinct trait.

Sicura Proj.Eco,simple and effective

Sicura is an online platform providing simple and efficient management of documents (planning, coordination, verification of professional technical eligibility) used for all temporary and mobile construction site activities.