Environmental consultancy and investigations

Intervention, analysis, assessment: our vast experience allows us to identify a potential risk with absolute certainty, defining the procedures to avoid it, issuing authorisations to enterprises and planning reclamation measures when necessary.

Design of targeted and remedial interventions

In the event of circumstances that could potentially contaminate the environmental matrices (e.g. soil, subsoil, groundwater contamination), Proj.Eco Engineering shall classify the site and conduct laboratory analyses and field measurements, applying the risk assessment procedure through to the design of reclamation activities.

Subsequently, Proj.Eco Engineering is qualified to take on the statutory tasks of Works Management and Safety Coordination itself and with its own resources.

Permitting andauthorisations

A snapshot of the present to plan and design the future of an enterprise

Proj.Eco Engineering has gained extensive experience over the years in the complex regulatory and authorisation framework relating to environmental, health and safety aspects, which enables it to deliver a comprehensive consulting and support service to enterprises, making its mark as a key reference point to:

  • ensure compliance with all provisions envisaged by law
  • support relations with supervisory bodies
  • manage the phases subsequent to the integrated authorisation (training, monitoring, implementation of improvement plans, etc.).

Starting from an in-depth study of the individual requirements of an enterprise, the services provided by Proj.Eco Engineering are divided into gradual steps, covering the following aspects:

  • technical and economic feasibility studies
  • project design
  • environmental impact studies
  • development of safety studies
  • preparation of the documentation required to obtain all the envisaged permits