Health and Safety are two sides of the same coin: in our mind, designing worksite safety means designing the health of those who work in these contexts, predicting and assessing risk situations regardless of the worksite type and the various assigned tasks.

Safe design and work safety

Proj.Eco Engineering boasts a wide range of services related to the design and safety of activities to protect the health and safety of workers, even on temporary or mobile construction sites.

Thanks to its skills and expertise, Proj.Eco Engineering is authorised to take on the obligatory statutory duties of Works Manager (WM), Safety Coordinator for the Design (SCD) and Execution (SCE) phases pursuant to Title IV of Legislative Decree no. 81/08.


Monitoring health with consideration and experience

Proj.Eco Engineering conducts environmental analyses and monitoring activities for the detection of physical, chemical, carcinogenic and biological agents in the workplace, assessing the risks related to the different tasks.

In particular, Proj.Eco Engineering has gained extensive experience at a national level in relation to the risk assessment of exposure to radon gas, legionella, asbestos and artificial vitreous fibres, also taking on the role of Asbestos Manager (AM) pursuant to Ministerial Decree 6 September 1994.